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Armalite Rifles

NZ Armourer has specialist expertise with the AR weapon sytem. Qualifications have been gained on Colt M4 carbine and Knight's Armament Company SR-25 (Stoner Rifle-25) weapon systems.

 NZ Armourer creates firearms that possess excellent reliability and accuracy. Receiver truing, oversize BAT Machine barrel extensions, tuned gas ports, high quality components and custom barrel profiles are just some of the components and procedures used at NZ Armourer to achieve Armalite Rifle excellence.


Action Blueprinting

Blueprinting a rifle action is the process of re-machining all critical surfaces of a firearm's action to tighter tolerances than the original. A rifle built with this process is able to achieve a much higher degree of consistency and accuracy over a standard factory action.


Precision Re Barreling

NZ Armourer uses the same high standard of machining practice whether you are replacing a worn barrel on a hunting rifle or fitting a barrel to a custom built rifle, regardless of make, operating system or configuration. All barrel work is carried out on a heavy duty cast bed lathe, with the work piece being held through the headstock. The bore 2 inches in front of the chamber throat is dialed true to provide the projectile with a straight start into the rifling. The muzzle end of the barrel is machined using the same process too.


Action Bedding

Action Bedding greatly increases accuracy potential and consistency of a firearm. All bedding is stress free to ensure consistency. NZ Armourer uses steel, titanium, and ceramic epoxy putty for action bedding



NZ Armourer precision fits suppressors to rifles, carbines and pistols. This is done with the barrel or the barreled action held through the lathe headstock to achieve a high degree of accuracy in the machining process.

 NZ Armourer can assist you in choosing the right suppressor for your hunting and/or shooting requirements, as well as maintaining and optimising your firearm's functionality and performance.

 NZ Armourer builds custom suppressors for all types of shooting and hunting. NZ Armourer also supplies MAE suppressors.



NZ armourer performs machining and armourer services for the AK47 and it's variants. These include muzzle threading, muzzle crowning, suppressor and muzzle attachment fitment, re-barreling, accessorising and trigger work. Muzzle threading and crowning on these rifles and carbines is performed between centres.


Military Weapons

NZ Armourer holds qualifications on a number of small arms and support weapons. Throughout my career I have worked on and fired a wide array of military weapons.

 If you have a firearm requiring inspection and/or repair,or if you are wanting to create something special that meets your requirements, call NZ Armourer to discuss.


Cerakote-Firearm Finishes

NZ Armourer contracts this service out. Cerakote and Gunkote are excellent firearm finishes. You can have a basic finish applied to your firearm, or you can have a wide array of patternse/styles/colours applied to your firearm. Call to discuss options and prices.


General Fiream Repairs

NZ Armourer is well equipped to complete all types of firearm repair and maintenance.

NZ Specialist Armourer for all Tactical, Sporting Firearms and Accessories.